Enough about us already. Here’s what others are saying about MYOKEM—and how our products are helping them defy limitations. 

"Pyroxamine has been truly amazing as it just works so much better than any and every other fat burner I've ever tried. It's the best pure fat loss product that I've ever used. The focus is definitely on point and even though I'm a big stimulant guy, I still get pretty good energy from it. It's really not that cracked out crazy rush either although it helps focus.

If you're used to diet pills, I'd recommend using two capsules at a time to really kick things into gear. Either way, I'm sure it will work & you should get strong results. It's substantially better than anything else I've used and I've used others that I consider to work. I wouldn't buy expecting miracles but honestly, even if your diet isn't on point I bet you'd lose a couple pounds of fat! I'm a big believer in this product.
-Kelly D.
"This is hands down the best natural product I have ever taken! Gained 5 lbs in a month and I'm actually leaner and set multiple PRs along the way! Great job MYOKEM!"
"I ran one bottle for four weeks at 2 caps a day at the end of my cut to get that "dry and hard look" the bottle promises. Well, it delivered. A lot of Anti-estrogens on the market merely reduce cortisol (Like Arimistane), but with Alphadex I had blood work proving its effectiveness. Pre Alphadex, my e2 was 27 (Average for a male). After four weeks, my e2 dropped to 12. You could honestly probably get away with 1 cap a day to control estrogen and get that dry look.

If anyone decides to run a pro hormone or is cutting, this is an ideal anti estrogen and one i recommend to all my friends, considering i have legitimate proof it lowers e2." (Referring to Alphadex)."
-David B.
"If you're a stim junkie & need to feel 400+ mg of caffeine + some DMAA for you to feel like the pre workout is a good one, this product might not be for you... Go buy Hyde or some other cheap stimulant based brand.

Nitramine is cut from a completely different cloth.

It won't leave you jittery and shaky but rather focused and excited about your workout. It seems every time I take Nitramine, I ust get lost in my workout. Headphones blasting & in my own zone. I can still have a good workout without it but there is a huge difference.

Some of the big pluses.

- 2000 MG of Betaine. This is the strength enhancing/building ingredient & they definitely didn't skimp on it. Betaine actually helps you life more weight.

- 1000 MG of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. This helps reduce soreness/muscle breakdown while also increasing endurance.

- PIKATROPIN: GABA + Niacin.. "It has the ability to bypass the blood brain barrier and is hydrolyzed there into each respective compound. This will result in increased cerebral blood flow due to the vasodilation from niacin and an “in-the-zone” focus and mental clarity from GABA.

- 500 MG Agamtine: Huge pump agents but also has an increase on healthy testosterone levels as well.

Overall it's such a good product that does so much more than just leave you goofed up."
"Alphadex has definitely been a supplement to my nutrition and workout plan. During the last 2 months of taking this product I haven't lifted weights in the gym....all of my workouts have been walking and/or yard related efforts...hauling logs, lifting and moving things. But even still it has cut my puffy appearance, especially in my face and stomach area as well as increased my overall muscle mass. I couldn't tell you how many pounds of fat or water weight I lost compared to how much lean muscle I have gained but its definitely obvious Especially in my waist and chest area. For the last month of my 3 month cycle I will be lifting weights so I am excited to see the results since my diet is high on protein but not a carb depletion type diet. So I should get swole. I recommend to anyone in their 40s trying to keep their testosterone levels high...I have plenty of energy and drive....but also control that estrogen that seems to kick in later in life and makes you less defined and more emotionally drained (think Mike Tyson and George Foreman now compared to the angry beasts they were in their prime....estrogen is the culprit....)."
-Brian K.
"I am absolutely loving Magnitropin. I have been working out for a while trying to lose some fat after putting it on during a Phase. I have started working out and worked at it hard, diligently with programs such as Insanity series, Crossfit, but I found to have hit a plateau. So I increased the amount of work load that I was putting my body through and soon after plateau followed again, but with work schedule and life, I found working out was the answer alone. So I looked for something that would energize me, help me recover, I found this product on supplement reviews.com and I took a chance. Its been two weeks and I am seeing changes, they are slow, but steady changes. I burn up to 7000 calories a week and I have seen gain on my strength while I wake up to a body looking a little leaner then a day before. I can say this product is helping me achieve the fitness level I want to be in. I hope this helps people who are looking, training hard and just need something natural to help them move along the way. Cheers, Live long and Prosper."
"All of the Myokem products are incredible and I've used them all to get back and shape and redefine myself but Nitramine has been especially meaningful. When I hit my "bottom", Nitramine was the first supplement a friend recommended to me.

The transition didn't happen over night but I'd say by around the end of my first tub, I had found my motivation to get back in the gym. I was an old user of jack3d and some of the other stimulant laced pre workouts and getting out of shape really helped me put those into perspective. They do absolutely nothing for you (expect potentially damaging your heart)! After a couple of uses, I realized Nitramine was actually doing something for me! It actually helps your body through workouts and doesnt just jack you up and leave you crashed a couple of hours later.

I alternate Magnitropin & bottles of Pyroxamine but Nitramine is the staple that keeps me grounded. Very consistent pre workout that fuels consistent results!"
-Stephen J.